06/06/2014 – by Mike & Ellen, Eastampton
Keith and Deana have done a phenomenal job of carrying on Frank’s legacy of providing honest and excellent service to his customers.  I’ve been going to Eagle Automotive since the mid 90s and have always received superior support for our cars and trucks.  We have two cars plus one truck and usually keep them for 10+ years.  Eagle Automotive has been instrumental in keeping everything running without having to take out a second mortgage on our home.  Having been a mechanic and now working with other seasoned mechanics and engineers determining the maintenance requirements for light and heavy duty industrial equipment, I can say, without a doubt, that Keith’s ability to accurately assess the situation and provide outstanding guidance is spot on!  He knows what has to be done now, what can wait, and is more than happy to let you know in an effort to help you make your dollar go farther.  I don’t normally make recommendations, but in this case I’ll make the exception because I just can’t say enough good stuff about the team at Eagle automotive.

06/06/2012 – by Frank, Mt Laurel
I would like to thank everyone at Eagle Automotive for their excellent service. I have never been a customer of a business–in any industry–that is more kind, honest, and helpful than Eagle Automotive. They really care about their customers and they stand by their work. There were times when I thought my car would need more work than it did, and they were always honest and fair. Other places would have taken advantage of me. The people at Eagle Automotive are great–they make you feel like family. The local community is fortunate to have a business that operates on ethical principles and provides such quality service. I would not take my car to anyone else.

01/03/2011 – by Ron, Mt Laurel
I just wanted to let everyone know I have been going to Eagle Automotive, for 20 years, when Deana’s husband Frank, (who we lost a few years back), first bought the place as a franchise for All Tune and Lube, which he soon, decided to go on his own so he could better service his customers, and named the place Eagle Automotive, and I think he made it go very well, with some of the specials he used to run.
I think Keith joined Frank a couple of years before he passed on, and he and Deana, have done a excellent job of caring on the business. I have always been very pleased with their work, and they stand behind their work 100%.
Thanks for being my dependable auto repair place.

05/06/2010 – by fmall840
Great place to deal with. Keith really stepped up and they are all so nice to deal with. Quality work, fair prices and they do what they tell you they are going to do! If their is a problem and it can happen, they ALWAYS make good.

12/24/2009  by BaronM
I highly recommend this establishment and their work. You’ll get honest advice from mechanics that know what they’re talking about, and they won’t do unnecessary work on your car just to get your money.

02/14/2008 – by Alexis B.
these guys are the most honest shop i’ve been too… ever. they have deals on oil changes which i love because i do regular maintenance on my bmw, and were fast to fix my bmw the few times i’ve had to bring it in the past couple of months. they seem like they like to keep you satisfied so that you continue to bring any car needs to them. GOOD PLACE TO GO!!!